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Update 30/11/2018
Updated the page Technical Manual to include final versions of the manual and test sites as of November 2018.

Update 21/11/2018
Added page Related EU Projects under Documents

Update 02/10/2018
Changed organisation from Swerea KIMAB to Rise for Johan Tidblad and Andrew Gordon

Update 22/08/2018
Replaced Draft report 83 with Report 83 to ICP Materials reports
Removed Kamil Borko from and updated e-mail for Daniel Kajanek at ICP Materials Task Force

Update 11/07/2018
Added Draft Report 83 to ICP Materials reports

Update 27/06/2018
Updated Call for data text
Added Report 80 to ICP Materials reports 

Update 25/06/2018

Repaired broken link to ICPs on Home page
Revoved FSUE "VIAM" from ICP Materials Task Force
Added draft minutes from meeting in Croatia to Meetings & Workshops
Added photo and scientific presentations from meeting in Croatia to Current meeting
Moved JSC "SRI Atmosphere" from Active organisations to Past organisations
Updated 21/12/2018
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