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In order to produce dose-response functions and elucidate trends, ICP Materials maintain and develop a network of atmospheric corrosion field exposure test sites. Corrosion attack and soiling of standard materials are evaluated after exposure on racks at the test site and environmental data are collected at or close to the test sites as described in the ICP Materials technical manual.

UNESCO cultural heritage sites are considered of outstanding universal value and are therefore ideal for illustration and dissemination of effects on materials. Case studies include general description of the site and the corrosivity of the environment, determination of stock of materials at risk, economic evaluation and the relationship between the environment and the artefact.

Finally, an important objective for ICP Material is to participate in regular updates of the Manual on Methodologies and Criteria for Modelling and Mapping Critical Loads and Levels and Air Pollution Effects, Risks and Trends.
Updated 05/07/2016
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