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Results from repeated exposures of materials with the purpose of evaluating simultaneous trends in corrosion and environment was first reported in 1995 for the period 1987-1993 (Report 19) and has since 2002 been performed each third year and reported continously.

A summary of trends during the period 1987-2012 was included in the UNECE report Trends in Ecosystem and health responses to long-range transported atmospheric pollutants.

Trends in one and four year data during the period 1987-2015 was published in 2017 (open access)

Even though depending on both material and location, corrosion overall has decreased substantially to around 50% of the original values measured in 1987. In recent years, however, the improvements in corrosion and soiling are minor.

The differences between polluted and non-polluted areas are not as high as in the 1980’s, but are
still significant.
Updated 26/09/2017
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